Masonry Restoration

Some repairs include the following: Brick re-pointing, Brick laying, Stone setting, Casting, Brick and Stone Cleaning, Caulking and sealants.

Grinding & Tuckpointing

Tuckpointing is the process of refilling the joints between the brick, block, or stones that make up a structure. Grinding is typically done using a mechanical grinder that should be connected to a special vacuum in order to reduce the amount of dust released into the air.

Outdoor fireplaces / barbeques

We build the genuine outdoor patio fireplace. We use traditionl masonry construction materials including block, brick, natural stone.

Chimney Restoration

We repair and replace brick and mortar chimneys. We’re experts at approaching chimney work with industry recognized proper repair techniques.

Sealing and Waterproofing

Sealing concrete is the first and basic step towards ensuring that your concrete is protected. Waterproofing: As a professional concrete company, we uses its experience with a variety

Lintel & I-Beam Replacement

A lintel or I-beam is a piece of steel which spans an opening and supports all the masonry above it. Steel always lintels after some time, and I-beams age.